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Thread: Bakery Story: April 2017

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    Oct 2016
    need active neighbors who accept requests daily and send parts only daily especially when there are goals. don't need tips because i don't have time to tip. will eventually delete those who keep sending food and inactive neighbors. thanks

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    Feb 2014
    Gift goal parts daily, respond to all requests. I don't tip and don't expect you to. Looking for neighbors that gift and respond to requests daily.

    My storm8 ID is maesus. Happy baking!

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    Please add me Renewed_Joy! Have a wonderful day yall!

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    Apr 2017
    Currently looking for neighbors since most of mine are inactive or nonrespondent.

    I'm lvl 99. I am usually active most days if not every day. I abide by a few principles I tip if you tip, but I do gift daily and respond to material request. If you need a certain material just request it and/or gift it to me and I will send it right back to you. (so you can two in one day!) By default I gift Oven elements or what is needed for goals if you do not send a gift to me already. In sum: I am not too big on tipping, but I am on gifts and material request.

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    Please add SHAINASGILL...I DO NOT TIP but I DO GIFT AND RESPOND PROMPTLY to help requests. Thank you.

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    I'm looking for neighbors like myself who love to decorate their bakeries, gift parts and don't really care a lot about tips.

    Level 99 players only, thank you.

    My id is Natasha_07

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    Add verriberri level 99 bakery since 2014. Cute bakery

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    ID: Vesstrina

    I only gift parts, no food please. Very active during goals. I accept all requests, I check in several times a day. I don't tip.

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    PLEASE ADD man22708
    gift everyday and tip back!

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    Need active players I will tip and gift as long as you tell me what you need and post on my wall. Monica561

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