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Thread: Restaurant Story: April 2017

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    Restaurant Story: April 2017

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.
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    add me billahlaras

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    Everyday player. I just deleted all my neighbors who had a 0, 1, and 2. I need neighbors who actually play. My ID is BorgiaBabe

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    Mar 2017
    Add me please

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    STORM8 ID: anniebaby16 (bakery name: annie's)

    Hello, new in restaurant story, looking for active players now who gift parts and maybe occasionally tip, I gift parts whenever needed (requested) and also tip when I can. Please do add me. Hope we can all be good neighbors, thanks!

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    Add me mferdiansy

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    Mar 2017
    Add me: jamariani

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    Fashion Designer Jojocl141587's Avatar
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    Mar 2017
    Looking for neighbors who are lvl 40 and up and at least gifts and responds to requests daily. I seem to have a new goal idk if it's just me or everyone got it but I could use a lot more neighbors atm
    ID: Jojo1287
    BS- No longer accepting neighbors

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    need active neighbors who accept requests daily and send parts only daily especially when there are goals. don't need tips because i don't have time to tip. will eventually delete those who keep sending food and inactive neighbors. thanks

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    Hey I'm looking for new active friends.

    ID: ladyavada

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