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Thread: Genuine complaints...

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    Genuine complaints...

    Don't misjudge me by the title of the thread. I genuinely love this game and have been playing consistently for over a year, but I have a couple of issues and would like to know if it's just me.
    1) when the delivery van was launched I worked real hard to get my gold bells to buy my smokehouse. However, since getting it well over 6 months ago, not a single plane/van/train delivery has required a single item from it so now it is dormant all the time
    2) the events... not being funny, but who wants St Patrick items at almost Easter? Shouldn't St Patrick have been a quick 3 day event leading into an Easter/Spring event so we could have cute fluffy lambs for Easter and not something out of date?! It was the same with valentines. Getting decorations that you have to put away for a year is not an incentive to play nor to spend money. No one wants the items if they can't be used for 11 months.
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