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Thread: Ideas to Keep You Interested in the Game

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    Sure, I have a lot of ideas for FASHION STORY. I honestly think if S8 would lower their prices for gems they would get more sales since they would become more affordable. Right now both of my kids play the game, plus that's 3 of us playing this game and purchasing gems is out of the question.

    Current Gems Prices:
    24 Gems $4.99
    50 Gems $9.99
    105 Gems $19.99
    275 Gems $49.99
    580 Gems $99.99

    On sale Gem prices:
    24 Gems $3.99
    50 Gems $6.99
    105 Gems $13.99
    275 Gems $34.99
    580 Gems $69.99

    How about lowering the prices to bring more sales? I'd be happy to purchase gems for my oldest daughter and myself if prices were more affordable. And I know other people would too:
    24 Gems $3.99
    50 Gems $5.99
    105 Gems $8.99
    275 Gems $13.99
    580 Gems $19.99

    --Ordering slots from the catalog are 49 gems each. When gems are on sale it would cost me $6.99 per slot and when gems are not on sale it would cost me $9.99 per slot. So, if I wanted to purchase 5 slots for a total of 245 gems (which I have been wanting to do for a long time), I would have to spend $49.99 regular price and $34.99 on sale price. That seems like a lot when I have 2 kids to feed. So maybe ordering slots could be 5 or 10 gems each?

    --All those "Chests" are 24 gems each, and I've purchased a few but the items that I've gotten are sometimes disappointing. How about lowering them to 10 gems each? (or less if possible)

    --Big displays cost too many gems, I would literally have to spend a couple hundred dollars to decorate my shop nicely. But why do that when I can go to a real mall and purchase outfits for my kids and myself with that kind of money? How about making things more affordable?

    --I agree with another user about removing outfits from the ordering catalog once they've been mastered. Sometimes there's too many to go thru.

    --How about giving us 1 gem each time we level up on the outfits? right now we only get a gem for levels 2 and 4, and xp points for level 1 and 3.
    ---or maybe instead of the 20 & 100 xp points for level 1 & 3, we could get 200 xp and 500 xp points to help us level up quicker.

    --Too many xp points needed to go from level 96 to 97, 97 to 98, 98 to 99, and 99 to 100. I have been playing for 2 years on level 99 trying to reach level 100. I literally play all day! I set my alarm when clothes are ready and put them away immediately and reorder asap! And even like that level 100 seems impossible, and I know others that have been playing for longer. And yes, I am ordering the outfit with the highest XP points for 7 hours.

    We all have fun, and we enjoy it, but why make it so hard for us to achieve those levels? I know of many that have quit the game for that reason.

    --Outfits for our avatars: the prettiest ones cost too many gems. Please make the game more affordable, I know many will purchase gems if prices are lower and therefore you will see an increase in sales

    --Chests: Can we have 1 chest for only hairstyles, and nothing other than hairstyles? 1 chest for only outfits, and nothing other than outfits?

    --How about an avatar "boy". One of my kids plays FS because he likes to "remodel" the store but his avatar is obviously a girl. And I know of other boys/men playing the game because they find it fun and enjoy interacting with other people.

    --Can we get gems instead of the daily bonus for opening our game?

    --Or how about we can send gems to our neighbors instead of the gifts that are currently available? Maybe a limit of 30 gems per day to send out to 30 different neighbors, and the other ones get a regular gift?

    --Offer new gifts for our neighbors? the ones we have right now are old and dated.
    Or maybe instead of sending gifts to our neighbors that they can sell, how about sending outfits for their avatars?

    ***HOW ABOUT SHARING OUTFITS WITH A NEIGHBOR?*** Maybe once a week we can select an outfit from our closet and "share" it with a neighbor? This way we expand our closet inventory. Or the items/outfits from the "chests" that cost 24 gems? We get it and also the neighbor we want to share it with? So we both have the same outfit, or items?

    New features:
    --A select "all" button: when gifting neighbors I can to click on each one... one by one in order to send them gifts.
    --When ordering: a button that I can just click on to "order the same outfit" for all my slots, and not order one by one. Or check mark the amounts of slots I want to order for and then choose the outfit for those slots and voila. Right now it takes me 4 - 6 minutes to order the same outfit throughout, and about 10 minutes when I need to order from different outfits (I have 52 slots)...
    --A button for "Proceed with purchase"when browsing thru the game. I once had saved about 50 gems but clicked on something that cost gems by mistake and most of my gems got wasted. I ended up with an item I didn't even want! I know of others that have had the same experience. Including my daughter, and my son. It would be nice to avoid that.

    Ok, I think that's all. If I think of anything else I will post it.
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    I would love that too, re get the chance to do a goal right after we been at this a while, the first year was hard for me, I felt stupid asking for help & I thought this game was the Hardest one

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    Kind of long term player here: My idea would be to go back to the original beauty of fashion story designs. LTOs back then paid attention to detail and mannequins were generally way more beautiful than is the case nowadays. I think there must have been a switch in designers sometime around when the true heart chest was originally released (don't remember which year that was). The good thing is that with the decline in design quality (there were some noteworthy exceptions, but overall the trend was clear) I hardly ever again felt like buying gems. I would for example never consider spending actual money on recently released LTOs/goal rewards (such as the pink Lolita doll) because the clothing looks childish and proportions look way off. Also sizing is incoherent among mannequins (the old LTOs' mannequins managed to somehow have the same sizeing). As someone else already suggested it would be nice to have older LTOs rereleased on a weekly basis (even without added new content).
    Further I assume that lowering the price for gems would be a good idea to keep people invested (and buying gems). Right now 50 gems would cost me 9,99 euro at regular prize allowing me to only open two boxes for example...
    Thanks for considering .
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    I like the idea of lowering ex for level 100 I've been playing for over 7 years and I play everyday, I'd like to see re release of old clothing items, direct sale of items from older chests, I'd pay gems for an item if I knew I was going to get it.

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    Hipster Cafe and Pillow Fight are two displays I'd like to see brought back c:

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    I think that maybe bringing back some of the old goals for new players to have the opportunity to master them & recieve the rewards. I also would like to see some items that are avaliable only to iphone & ios players such as the makeup catelog become available for android players.

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    LTOs and Half off Boxes

    I am a long term player of many storm8 games...I do invest and buy gems to try for many of the displays and items in the current blind boxes for fashion story. So, to keep the game interesting I would love to see more LTOs of items and displays that were retired and are no longer available for purchase. Even just a few seasonal items offered a little more often would cause excitement, get folks revamping/remodeling their boutiques. Don't forget to include some retired catalog items too for those of us who are addicted to changing their avatars with our mood and current weather!!!

    Examples of stunning displays no longer available:
    Ballet Troupe
    Breakfast in Bed
    Glamour Display
    Hipster Cafe
    Pillow Fight
    Sunday Brunch
    Tomboy Chic

    Also Stylish Gray & Fancy Lace!!!

    I also love when there are half price sales on chests/boxes, which is usually around a holiday or before retiring a particular box!

    I love fashion story and appreciate everyone's hard work making it even better, thanks for taking the time to ask the players opinions and know it is appreciated!!!

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    I agree with all of the items that @CuteTali posted. Those displays are gorgeous and I'd love the chance to purchase them. Any big displays offered for LTO would be great and keep many of us happy, even if it is just one every week.

    Also, I can't wait to see what is offered up for LTO this coming Easter. I would love to see the bunny clothes racks make a return, as well as the paper bunny wall string decor and wreaths (I love bunnies, hence my shop name in FS). Also, the Easter boxes from the past few years, I would be so happy to see those come back for LTO for 12 gems. I'd be completely satisfied if this was to happen.

    Thanks for asking us all for our wishes, it does mean a lot.

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    I'd like to see the corset display, the mandarin gown display, and the union jack bag. I'd also love to have ALL of the older catalogs opened back up (they could call it a vintage sale). I think it'd be nice if a random selection of the boxes could be opened for an amount of money instead of gems.

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    How about rather than mastered catalogues going away, we could get the ability to hide catalogues? That way you could hide any catalogue you don't want to order (mastered or not), and people who want to order mastered catalogues still can, especially if going forward goals will require older items to be ordered. All the scrolling gets tedious.

    Same for the closet. It would be nice if we could sort out the items we already purchased.

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