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Thread: It would be nice to be able to purchase food and/or gold with the coins I have banked

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    Lightbulb It would be nice to be able to purchase food and/or gold with the coins I have banked

    I have a lot of $$$ but nothing to spend it on. It would be great if we could purchase food and/or gold.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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    I still remember when coins were in short enough and needed. Now, I wish I could turn off the collection of them, some days, and not have to look at all the flags.

    I like to visit mid to low level players and play with their dragons to help them out. Their islands load quickly and you actually feel like you are doing something to help somebody, for a change. I wish them lots of coins.

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    Lightbulb Using coins for food,increasing land,adding to decorations,

    Being at a higher level and having so many coins from collecting from habitats,their is nothing new to decorate with. Also having to put decorations in storage because I'm maxed at land and all the dynamite is going nowhere since it's way over the max of 25 and no more land to blast. Also with all the challenges and only 7 farms to collect food from,it makes it impossible to even harvest enough to complete the challenges of raising certain dragons to complete them. Since some players have so many coins,why can't we purchase the food for a reasonable amount in coins,not gold to complete these tasks. I have also complained that when harvesting habitats for coins,on the far right side,especially when your ads poo up,when trying to close the ad or collecting coins from habitat,it is so far to right that the purchase food for gold pops up and when trying to close it out,it ends up making an unwanted purchase for food,there's no asking to confirm like when purchasing dragons for gold. This happens at least once a week or two. Also would be nice with having so many dragons,when challenges come up for say battle, that there was some kind of wheel we could use to go to the level of Dragon we are wanting to fight with or even breed with. The decorations haven't been added to or even changed up and I have all current ones in storage because of running out of room for habitats. Also why don't Android users offered any ways of getting prizes,gold,dragons or anything else like ipod/iPhone/ iPad users? In order to complete the challenges as quickly as you are adding them,you would have to play the game 24/7/365 and still wouldn't be able to complete unless you spend gold,which is good for you but a lot of us don't have the income to spend on a game when you have a family to support and just can't make the purchases and when it does by accident,and complain,you get a response that you can't find a problem with the game.

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    Why don?t you let us do more things with coins? I am sure there are plenty of people with a billion or two lying around. It?s very frustrating to have lots of a useless asset. Maybe make it so we can buy tickets? 10 million for one ticket? Something.
    Please consider doing ANYTHING with coins.

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    I SO agree! Not just nice it is totally logical & should be implemented!
    I can buy coins with gold
    It takes coins to make food
    I can buy food with gold
    Therefore I should be able to buy gold and food with the equivalent coins
    Eg if it cost 100 gold to buy a chest of coins then let me buy 100 gold for same amount of coins

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    Unbelievable that this company is so greedy that they purposely make the challenges impossible to complete without making money.
    Nothing fair about having coins you can?t spend. Limiting gifts to 3 per day and if they are maxed no one gets the gold. I have map dragons , dynamite dragons and food dragons. It?s impossible to make enough food!
    It?s also frustrating to not have a guide. Now my trade post is giving me something different and I have no idea what it?s for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gramivoni View Post
    It?s also frustrating to not have a guide. Now my trade post is giving me something different and I have no idea what it?s for!
    Please see this thread explaining the change.!

    You should also have gotten a new goal associated with this change.
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