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Thread: Modify Tea Garden Habitat???

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    Modify Tea Garden Habitat???

    Hi readers! Remember that Tea Garden habitat us players could get in a World Event back in the good old days of 2014 (sorry Android players)? You know... The first release of the Kabuki dragon? Yeah, I really jogged your memory there . Anyway, do you also remember that more recent leaderboard event? Yeah, that's right, culture cruise. The dragons you could get there were pretty amazing right? I mean, I loved it so much that I actually managed to get to the final milestone *cough* definitely did not mass feed dragons *cough*! By the way, you heard nothing audible in that cough, it's ummm... Hay-fever! Anyway, the amazing dragons you could get from the event included Samurai, Kenyan, Scandinavian and Japanese dragon! I love them all but, since I didn't want to spend gold on the Faraway Fjords, I decided to find another habitat. AND GUESS WHAT???

    I FOUND THE TEA GARDENS! IT HOLDS FOUR DRAGONS, PERFECT! RED AND WHITE ELEMENT! Description: Give your Japanese dragons a place to call home with a tranquil Tea Garden! Perfect! Buuuuuut... The problem was, it might not fit the element requirements for all the dragons... Now let's have a look!

    Samurai: Purple, yellow, red! Yes! It's red element!
    Kenyan: Yellow, green, red! Yes! Another red element!
    Scandinavian: Blue, yellow, red! Yay! All of them have a red element!!!
    Japanese: Oh come on, do I really need to check this? The description literally said: Give your Japanese dragons a place to call home with a tranquil Tea Garden! Better check anyway ! Soooo... Pink, blue, yellow... Hang on...

    WHAT? WHY CAN'T IT GO INTO TEA GARDENS? WHAT DID IT DO TO GET BANISHED FROM ITS HOME? THE JAPANESE DRAGON IS THE MOST JAPANESE OF ALL DRAGONS! *Shouts incoherently*. *Clears throat*, okay, so I understand the habitat was released waaaaay before the Japanese dragon. Seriously, I don't blame S8 for not allowing this Japanese dragon to go into the Tea Garden habitat. It probably doesn't even matter!

    But pretty pleeeease with a cherry and Ice-Cream dragon on top! If you are able to, please give the habitat an extra element, S8? Just so the Japanese dragon can have a good home ??? It doesn't make too much sense that the Kenyan and Scandinavian dragon can go into the Tea Garden but the Japanese dragon can't. Plus, I think you've modified dragon types in the past (correct me if I'm wrong)??? Soooooo please!!! I would love it if you could, but it you couldn't, thanks for reading and sorry for making this so long XD.

    Anyway, thanks for staying with me reader! I hope you enjoyed reading this XD. Please comment if you want to comment on this subject! Otherwise, have a nice day/night!!!

    Please note: I am very sorry if I offended S8 here! It was meant to be written in a way that would be entertaining to read. My apologies if I did cause offence but I hope I haven't.

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    The Tea Garden habitat isn't even purchasable anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteTali View Post
    The Tea Garden habitat isn't even purchasable anymore.
    Hi CuteTali, thanks for replying! I do realise it isn't purchasable anymore, but many people still have it (well, if they're over level 120)! This is because it was the third milestone in the Dragons of Japan World Event which made it relatively easy to get (depending on your level). However, this was back in 2014 so that was a while ago.

    But, *frantically types question into search bar* it was also purchasable along with the Yin Yang dragon as a value pack. Now, this was in October, 2016 which is rather recent. So some lower levelled players who are willing to spend real money would have it too. Or it could just be collecting dust in storage, I don't know XD.

    But I do understand your point that it isn't even purchasable anymore so it may not be relevant to some. Anyway, thanks for reading again! Have a nice day!!!

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