Hi readers! Remember that Tea Garden habitat us players could get in a World Event back in the good old days of 2014 (sorry Android players)? You know... The first release of the Kabuki dragon? Yeah, I really jogged your memory there . Anyway, do you also remember that more recent leaderboard event? Yeah, that's right, culture cruise. The dragons you could get there were pretty amazing right? I mean, I loved it so much that I actually managed to get to the final milestone *cough* definitely did not mass feed dragons *cough*! By the way, you heard nothing audible in that cough, it's ummm... Hay-fever! Anyway, the amazing dragons you could get from the event included Samurai, Kenyan, Scandinavian and Japanese dragon! I love them all but, since I didn't want to spend gold on the Faraway Fjords, I decided to find another habitat. AND GUESS WHAT???

I FOUND THE TEA GARDENS! IT HOLDS FOUR DRAGONS, PERFECT! RED AND WHITE ELEMENT! Description: Give your Japanese dragons a place to call home with a tranquil Tea Garden! Perfect! Buuuuuut... The problem was, it might not fit the element requirements for all the dragons... Now let's have a look!

Samurai: Purple, yellow, red! Yes! It's red element!
Kenyan: Yellow, green, red! Yes! Another red element!
Scandinavian: Blue, yellow, red! Yay! All of them have a red element!!!
Japanese: Oh come on, do I really need to check this? The description literally said: Give your Japanese dragons a place to call home with a tranquil Tea Garden! Better check anyway ! Soooo... Pink, blue, yellow... Hang on...

WHAT? WHY CAN'T IT GO INTO TEA GARDENS? WHAT DID IT DO TO GET BANISHED FROM ITS HOME? THE JAPANESE DRAGON IS THE MOST JAPANESE OF ALL DRAGONS! *Shouts incoherently*. *Clears throat*, okay, so I understand the habitat was released waaaaay before the Japanese dragon. Seriously, I don't blame S8 for not allowing this Japanese dragon to go into the Tea Garden habitat. It probably doesn't even matter!

But pretty pleeeease with a cherry and Ice-Cream dragon on top! If you are able to, please give the habitat an extra element, S8? Just so the Japanese dragon can have a good home ??? It doesn't make too much sense that the Kenyan and Scandinavian dragon can go into the Tea Garden but the Japanese dragon can't. Plus, I think you've modified dragon types in the past (correct me if I'm wrong)??? Soooooo please!!! I would love it if you could, but it you couldn't, thanks for reading and sorry for making this so long XD.

Anyway, thanks for staying with me reader! I hope you enjoyed reading this XD. Please comment if you want to comment on this subject! Otherwise, have a nice day/night!!!

Please note: I am very sorry if I offended S8 here! It was meant to be written in a way that would be entertaining to read. My apologies if I did cause offence but I hope I haven't.