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Thread: Has anyone else noticed?

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    Has anyone else noticed?

    It seems like the powers that be have really taken the complaints of players into consideration. Events are not overlapping. There have been many, many complaints about overlapping events, but now they are not. I personally like the events. The more the better. Events = new dragons! But, hey, people don't seem to like too many, so they've cut back.
    There has also been many complaints about tournaments. This last one was the easiest I've experienced. Level 15 Valiant, Rainbow Sentinel and Diamond kicked butt against low level opponents, as they should. I only had trouble with 1 high level opponent, but it wasn't a problem. Just enough of a challenge!

    Anyway, voices are being heard.

    Cutting out so many GPDs does suck. I've been hoarding gold to buy, but I won't at the prices listed. Oh well. Bingo mostly sucks. Too much effort for too little gain. So I ignore it most of the time. I just breed, hatch, evolve and earn dragons. Isn't that what this game is about?

    My only complaint is that there are so many dragons, but the same old ones keep popping up. The algorithm is weird I guess. I just feed them up to level 3, evolve (for bombs) then trade or sell. That part is boring. Getting the same old dragons over and over; but at least I get bombs to get food and dragons. Not that bad, I guess.

    Anyway, I think storm8 is at least trying to move in the right direction.

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    Yes noticed to, but really hope they will bring back the GPD's in some way, maybe as a prize? Or earn in Bingo like Horizon?

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