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Thread: Castle Story free gift videos locking up

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    Angry Castle Story free gift videos locking up

    I am using iOS 10.2.1 on iPad model MD515LL/A.
    Game version Castle Story 1.5
    Whenever I watch the "free gift" videos in Castle Story, they ALWAYS lock up the iPad SEVERAL times (with the little horse rider stuck on the screen until the iPad goes to sleep). Sometimes, it will lock up when you first click the Watch button. Other times, it will wait until AFTER you watch the video and not actually give you the energy (or whatever) that you just earned. Either way, you have to force the game closed, go back in, and click the video button to try again.

    Sometimes, instead of locking up, the video failure happens by the ruler popping up after clicking the Watch button with a message that says the video failed, try again. This is extremely annoying. Sometimes some version of the video failure happens like 8-10 times in a row before you're able to complete even 1 video goal. It may just be certain videos because I have noticed that when it finally plays a video that works, it will often play the same one or two videos multiple times. So, maybe the multiple failures are the same bad video (or a few different ones) trying to play over and over. Again it is very annoying. It's not unusual to spend 20+ minutes trying to watch a total of 7 or 8 good videos, which is completely ridiculous. Please fix this.

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