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Thread: Castle Story: 1/5 - Rooted Mine | new gem item in market

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    Castle Story: 1/5 - Rooted Mine | new gem item in market

    New in the Market - Rooted Mine

    Rooted Mine (Level 15+) (2x2/3x3) no limit Cannot be sold
    Info: An enchanted mine overtaken by nature. Drops Enchanter's Essence and Glimmerdust, with a chance to drop other resources!
    Collection time: 22 hours
    Speed up: 88 gems
    Drops: enchanter's essence, glimmerdust, golden nuggets (am checking on rest)
    Cost: 400 gems to purchase (reward of 100 gems rebate if purchased within the 5 day timer)
    Build: comes fully built

    Find it in the Market under Decorations / Town.

    Baron: We could use some extra resources! Ivy needs some Enchanter's Essence and Glimmerdust from it, just set the Golden Nuggets aside for your beloved Baron.
    Goal 1 Place the Rooted Mine 0/1 BUY | Market, 400 gems
    Rewards: 100 gems

    Event pictures

    Dialogue Guide
    Ruler: Hey Baron, what's going on?
    Baron: It has come to my attention there is a mine in the Kingdom that is full of goods!
    Ruler: Goods? What kind of goods?
    Baron: Plenty! Golden Nuggets included! Can you confirm such rumors?
    Ruler: Hmm, I'm not sure. What was it called again?
    Baron: The Rooted Mine, you must investigate at once!
    Ivy: Did you say "Rooted Mine"?
    Baron: I did, have you heard of it and its bountiful wonders?
    Ivy: I've heard of it! Apparently it's also a great source of Enchanter's Essence and Glimmerdust! Let me know what you find, I'm running short of both of these.
    Ruler: I guess I'm checking out this mine then...
    Baron: Well, get to it! Those goods aren't going to find themselves!
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    Rooted Mine Goal - 1/5/17

    New goal in my goal book for a Rooted Mine.

    400 gem cost with 100 gem reward.

    Dialog stated it has a rare chance for gold nuggets among other things.
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    My first thought was "are they out of their {frickin} minds??" Unless it drops Alicorns, I'm not spending 300 gems on that thing
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    seems quite expensive.. any more info on what exactly it drops?
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    Wish I knew if other goals come as a result of buying it. Otherwise, I don't feel the need for an additional source of essence or glimmerdust. But, if there was more involved ...

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    22hr timer 88gem speedup
    looks lovely, i hope it will drop decent stuff on that timer
    no other goals after buying

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    *Sigh* ... Disappointed.
    Gonna be snowed in soon (a BIG deal in the South, lol) & was reeeeeeeally looking forward to a new, fun goal to work on this weekend. Guess not. Pfft.

    ...onto house chores then, I guess. Hmphf.

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    Ack! I'm a bit torn to be honest. The OCD and collector in me wants it but.... 300 gems?! Just for a tree to drop stuff I get from other sources? Unfortunately I don't think I can believe it's worth it.

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    Question about this weeks update

    Are you really going to make everyone, buy 400 gems?
    My wife and I, forget it.

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