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Thread: Bakery update:- 8th March 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rees630 View Post
    You may be onto something. The pictures of BS and RS aren't even showing on the main S8 page. I'm so sad.
    Hi, there are 2 pages worth of games! BS is on page 2

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    I Guarantee BS2/RS2 end up getting updates today & those a horrible I didn't enjoy playing those at all! I'm Hoping they might just be chasing the day they release updates again but I'll be highly upset if it just disappears I've only been playing 3 years & still have recipes to matter but not many on the main appliances! COME ON S8 RELEASE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT JUST MAKE IT GREEN & WEEK BE HAPPY THERE HAS TO BE SCRAPPED GOALS THEY CAN RELEASE!! I'M REALLY FRUSTRATED WITH THIS COMPANY BUT LOVE MY STORY GAMES & YESTERDAY DRAGON STORY & FANTASY STIRY GIT SMALL UPDATES! WHY NOT HERE TOO!

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    I saw on BS2 forum that they haven't gotten update/goals either so all the games are going without getting anything new, not just RS/BS and now FS. But I'm with everyone else I'd like an answer. If time is needed to 'regroup' since the layoffs then at least tell us....SOMETHING.

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    I am sorry but no update today.

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    There may be less frequent updates for some games for now. We're not able to speculate on when future updates will be available.

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