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Thread: Habitats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix406 View Post
    Yes, there were only 3 habitats this month, which looks weird (not having a quad).
    I think think so too, it's a bit odd.

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    I put my "Santa's Village" habitat on the top side, and I think it looks really nice with the other 3 and fills it out like a quad, sort of.
    On another note, I do like this idea of having 4 interlocking habitats per month, but is anyone else finding it kind of difficult to keep finding space for them? The problem I am running into is that the one great big island where most of our habitats go - the expansions go off in weird directions, kind of around the West end of the island, and so I can't always find a way to put 4 habitats next to each other. If they would open up all that land in the middle for expansions, it would make our forests more attractive *and* allow us to make these quads. I really don't want to have to rearrange all my smaller islands to try to make room for quads as I already have them decorated according to color of habitats, more or less.

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    Very cool new habitat, although it kind of looks like a conglomeration of other habitats.

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