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Thread: Habitats

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    Same boat here...see my post. It was added to this one:

    Basically I've not heard that there is anything we can do. I've had to delete one I paid for just to finish birthstone habitat collection...& I'm not happy about it.

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    Im begging and asking for new expantions and the habitat cab to be lifted since two months... i havent gotten any feedback from S8 if there is sth in the planning (only to know that would be a BIG help)
    I dont know how they wait so long with expantions as we need them to place our (often with gems buyed) habitats

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    I feel the same I've spent so much on this game there are not enough storage options and I'm only on level 172 I should have been at 200 they should let us store and change around our habitats and animals but I don't think that will ever happen.

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    I just deleted a Christmas habits I'm really upset I've spent over $1,000 on this game I think it's time to stop if they can't give us a higher limit on the habitats it's not worth spending $ I love the new habitats but i have extra land I shouldn't have to delete my habits I paid for. I also took a fire habitat out of storage to see if u could place it I can but then my limit stays at 126 not 127 so I had to delete that one as well to get the new rain habitat.

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    I agree!! We need new expantions and get rid of this stupid habitat cap - especially when we can expand more than put habitats out!
    An answer would be really great, if this is even on your list for the next weeks- I wouldnt mind fewer weekly updates if it would give you the time to create new expantions. Please! We need them!!

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    Since I have 126 full habitats with no doubles I can't play anyways unless they increase the limits

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    Quote Originally Posted by alyssafriends View Post
    Since I have 126 full habitats with no doubles I can't play anyways unless they increase the limits
    I still second that! But by now I kinda think its useless

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    I have 125. Im on my last expantion and begging for an update for weeks!

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    Guess we just have to keep asking

    I was able to get to 127 habitats by using the one I had left in storage.

    At least I was able to get up to 128 habitats with the event
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    I am in the same boat. I thought maybe it was because Inam not at Level 200 but it sounds like that the cap is 126. That stinks cuz I still have tone of animals in storage and space for habitats. Please remove the cap S8.

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