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Thread: Dragons Album proposal

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    Dragons Album proposal

    Dear team,

    Please could you add a level with number of dragons on each picture in Dragons Album? It will make lot easier to keep them in order. Right now entering each picture to check take time and can be frustrating.
    Especially as game crashes so often.

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    is this function still available on iOS only?

    i hope android gets album too.
    a few dragon tales back, i unfortunately sold/ trade all my fuzzy dragon thinking those were the backups.
    i had to use gold to skip the task to breed with fuzzy.

    getting more dragons = hard to keep track what i have.

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    and filters please : easier to find among so many dragons
    DS : Dragons de Pern (level 200) 826/882 dragons (168 still in storage)
    (sorry but i no longer accept or add neighbors for DS)
    FFS : Pern forest (level 200) 496/524 animals (120 still in storage)
    (stopping FFS on 2017/12/31, so don?t try to add me)
    FS2 : Campagne (level 73)

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    Can we sort it alphabetically or by element? I can never find anything there, so I don't use it.

    Also, can we please get the battle field in Dragon Story and FFS to sort by element? The list keeps getting longer and longer and it's too much of a hassle looking for the right element of dragon to fight, so I end up using whichever ones are at the top of the list instead of looking for the right element.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark_Wayne View Post
    and filters please : easier to find among so many dragons
    Quote Originally Posted by CuteTali View Post
    Can we sort it alphabetically or by element? I can never find anything there, so I don't use it.
    Yes! +1

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    I'm often amazed how many good low level dragons I have, when I happen to stumble across them way down there in the list. I've taken to keeping a breeding roost open so I can examine my herd for battles and planning my breeding\evolving programs, or when it comes time to consider buying a new dragon that may or may not possess a combination of elements that I don't have already. I'll see a challenge to breed with some obscure dragon and spend hours trying to figure out if I already have it or not.

    Also...would be really nice to see what their rarity is in the Storage. I have to look up a list of categories and then check each one individually to see if it's ultra rare that I may want to save to hatch later, or get out on the island right now for a leaderboard event.

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    I just searched thru over 850 Dragons in my album to see if I already had some of the recent 'new' ones. I already had 4 of them. It should be easier to tell if you already have a Dragon. How about a message when you hatch a new one? (Like: "Yay! You added a new Dragon to your album!!" And add a little picture). Please make the album more usable!
    Please add:
    -a 'Find' function
    -filter by alphabetized or elements
    -show amount of each type, (very small, in upper corner), if more than one
    -add rarity to description
    -add hours breeding and evolving to description
    -a 'go to this one' function, for when you are unable to find one!
    Thank you! Annie
    I am not adding any neighbors at this time.
    Thanks & Have a great day! Annie

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    At least you have an album. Android users still dont.

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