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Thread: Did you finish the Frog Prince event?

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    Did you finish the Frog Prince event?

    Hi guys

    Just curious how many of us finished the goal. I scrapped through but for the first time in a long time, in fact, the only time where I spent gems to finish the quest, stayed up late like 2.30 am to make sure I got the frog

    Either my calculations were way off or the spawning rate was really off.
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    I had one busy day at work with no chance of logging in and one afternoon off with Mr Zirilka. Other than that I was faithfully glued to my iPad for the whole duration of the event.

    In the end I managed to get the kitty and upgrade the pond but I was 250 lilies short to get the frog. I refused to gem through in order not to encourage future events like this in the future.

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    No - and I spent gems as well. These last two competitions were the first ever since I've been playing I haven't been able to finish. Hopefully the next one will be more reasonable.

    ETA: I did get the cat, though.
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    Me too ! Had to pay gems to complete frog goal--- since they let half their staff go I am very nervous spending money on these games anymore --- but he was a cute frog so I took the risk

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    I was wondering about this too given the posts. Do you mind Cyn if I add a poll to this thread? It will only be a yes/no one....

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    I did finish it, with a little time to spare. I used 1 gem to speed up the pond before an upgrade.
    But.... I happened to have loads of time to play this one, and I had better than average luck with the beastling spawn rate. Especially after completing the pond.

    For feedback purposes: The prizes are very attractive, beautiful artwork! But....(there's always a but) they are too big and are a bit of a disappointment, being deco only. (Unfortunately at level 50, coin only buildings are definitely just deco)
    And although I personally didn't have a problem with cattails, I do think the spawn rate was far too low for buildings with long timers and limits of 1 (Ivy) and 2 (sparkling mines).
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    i love you SW , no i dont mind lol.

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    Yes, I finished. Had time and luck. Got the frog and 2 swamp kitties.
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    Like others got the kitty but not the frog despite using gems and lots of time to get the pond to level 9 didn't get it to level 10 either twas disappointed as there was a cute storyline for this so wanted to see how it all turned out

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    No, I didn't get the frog and was only able to get the pond/swamp to level 9. I did get a kitty though.

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