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Thread: Did you finish the Frog Prince event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    Spirit Wind,
    not sure where to put my vote on the poll.. haven't voted yet for that reason.
    my answer is.. "yes I got the frog, but with help of gems"
    would that be a 'yes' or 'no' answer?
    I'm like you, and I chose Yes (bc of how I worded the question). I also used gems to speed up the pond on the night before the event ended, as on Sunday I was going to be away from home all day and device free. If I was going to be home, I could have scraped through I think with not spending any gems, but it would have been *really* close. I did some calculations on Thursday about how many times I had to collect before event end to get the frog and it was going to be quite a few! I did however choose to spend a few gems on cattails to craft a kitty. I like the drops of the kitty so for me it was worth it to spend some gems. [Plus, how can I fill in all of the information about the goals if I don't do all of the goals myself! ]
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    I really wanted the beautiful level 10 pond but didn't get that or the frog. I only got one cat beastling a day usually, and I play every waking moment and used gems to speed the mines up sometimes.
    The lack of cattails was the issue for me.
    That ended up being a long, stressful, depressing event...

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    Yes, I was able to finish in time with 3 kitties, a lv 10 lilli pond and a little bit over 1500 water lillies and I didn't spend a gem on this event (not enough to buy the trap)

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    yes i got the frog and the kitty and the pond to lvl 10 but bought 4 traps from a special offer

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    Yes, I got the frog. *But*, I had to buy 2 of the side offers to get it. He was too cute and funny to resist.

    I wasn't able to upgrade the pond to level 10, because when I did get spawned beastling kitties they only dropped 3 cattails at a time. I lost enthusiasm after chopping countless rocks, collecting buckets of water, and rarely seeing a beastling. Gave up on the pond at level 8 since I didn't have the time to check the game more than every 4 hours or so.

    Love my froggie, though!

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    yes, got both the frog and the kitty. Leveled the pond to 10. BUT I had to spend gems to get it done. And I played every day. Set timers for pond collections. It was basic spawning rates that got me the most.

    I love Castle Story I don't know what I would do without it. Maybe get some real work done I guess....

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    No. Seldom able to finish any of the timed challenges. I DO make efforts at the beginning of the timed challenges, but it becomes evident rather quickly that completion will not be possible and that the challenges are designed to empty my reserves and gems. I do play and complete the untimed challenges when they are available. I don't play computer games when I'm at work. To me, that just wouldn't be appropriate or honest - so perhaps this is the reason I'm unable to complete the challenges. It appears that a minority of you ARE able to complete, but by using real $$ or extensive gems. This game is getting easier and easier to set aside and not play for weeks or months at a time -- probably not Storm8's intention, but truth.

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    Lost interest when beastlings weren't showing up...I've been playing for a few years now but after this last quest I just haven't even been checking the game. I stopped playing dragon story and a few others for the same issue. Oh...and another problem was that the game crashed a few times. I could play all of my other internet games but this one said I had no access?!?

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    No!! 😡

    First time since playing I didn't finish ... even though I spent gems!! (Which I never did for an event before either)

    Pond was at LVL 9

    Really annoyed because all I wanted from this event was the Wisteria House.

    Pretty unhappy about the direction the game has gone ... Kinda feels like the game I was playing has finished.

    My kingdom is looking pretty great and full , so with no more expansions or storyline there's nothing left for me.

    No more money from me anymore Storm8.

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    No. I didn't get it. Threw in the towel about midway. Entirely too sick of buying and chopping rocks for an avg of one pond stone per five chops at best. Had a semi okay time with beastlings. At least their drops were a decent number of cattails.

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