Hi there S8 peeps,

I have written about this before, and despite it being over 6 months since you last released a new stage on DQ, I am writing to request that you PLEASE start DQ up again.

This game is much better than your other matching puzzle games, (imo) it's even better than all other developers' games in the genre.

I have been playing Jewel Mania for years, and even though I do still enjoy JM, once I began playing DQ, this game is by far a more enjoyable and challenging one. With Frozen Frenzy, hungry Babies, Candy Mania and JM all very similar, DQ sets itself apart by being extra challenging with the puzzle pals.

It might need some tweaking, but if you're losing money on it, I think you should include the game ads (as JM's secret scrolls provides) so that you can continue making it. It is a much better game that most of your others (and I've been a S8 fan for a while now.)

So I am gently pleading (read as: 'begging on knees") for you to please start DQ up again. There are many of us who love it.