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Thread: Android - 16 New Mining Spots?

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    Android - 16 New Mining Spots?

    Before I use my last expansion in the Blue Tree area, I want to verify that Android was included in the Isle of Love update with 16 new spots to mine.

    I appreciate the Rebreed button, thank you! But I cannot afford for my mine to close and lose a precious source of food, so could someone PLEASE verify that Android players also have new mine for land expansions?

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    See current thread here.
    Quote Originally Posted by jagarjag View Post
    Android Players!!! The wait is over!! With the latest Valentine Version it goes to expand with the mining parts!

    I accidentally (on my sleepy mode) clicked on the expand button and uttered some very unsuitable words for 5 minutes...but than to my sheer releif and joy, found that the mine was still open...I have expanded 11 squares with my saved 1015 parts...waiting to get some more dynamit...
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