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Thread: building with the purple roof with a gold v-shaped stripe

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    building with the purple roof with a gold v-shaped stripe

    What is the building with the purple roof with a gold v-shaped stripe and how do you expand to it. There is also something that looks like water attached to the side and a small building next to it. It is over to the left. It is in the direction where Thurston was sneezing. When I tap it, it does not tell what it is. It just says expand here to claim your reward. I have expanded all around it, but it won't let me expand there. Please tell me how to claim it. Thanks

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    This is the eleven outpost. It looks like two buildings but the whole group is locked to its current position. The round bit is a landing perch for a special creature. The new feature was release in the 9/29 update and with it a set of goals starting with "my chicken sense in tingling", you may still be working on the chain of goal which leads to unlocking the expansion slot.

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    SpiritWind answered your question here:
    If you look a few posts down, you'll see SW moved your post to the Elven thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    Merging post with main thread. Info about expanding and all goals in the link couple posts above, and first page and in my signature below. It's the Elven Outpost.
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    Please do not start duplicate posts. I've answered your question in the linked post above. If you have any questions about the Elven Outpost, please post in that thread. For general questions, please use the Help Me thread; both a sticky threads in discussion forum (one level up from this thread).

    Closing thread.

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