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Thread: Restaurant Update: 15th February 2017

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    Restaurant Update: 15th February 2017

    Learn all about the key Founding Fathers figures for President’s Day soon! Make history in the Presidential Meeting in Restaurant Story!
    Celebrate history with:

    • Lincoln Bust decoration
    • Washington Statue decoration
    • Roosevelt Bear decoration

    Android- New version - Founders

    Quote Originally Posted by amerirish View Post
    Presidential Table: 7,000 Coins
    Presidential Chair: 11,000 Coins
    Presidential Window: 5 Gems ( )
    Washington Statue: 20 Gems
    Presidential Meeting: 60 Gems
    Roosevelt Bear: 20,00 Coins
    Lincoln Bust: 28,000 Coins
    Presidential Room Wallpaper: 7,000 Coins
    Checkered Marble Floor Tiles: 5,000 Coins

    Sorry, I can't see the cost of the oven because I have the max appliances displayed
    Quote Originally Posted by pcabral03 View Post

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't like it .

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    Hope new appliance is not for gems. The rest of the update I don't like it.

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    Huh. Missing Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and a few other Founding Fathers.

    Teddy Roosevelt wasn't a Founding Father but historical accuracy may not be the focus here.

    The American flag should stand taller in the big display; otherwise, it's dragging on the floor which is disrespectful.

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    I like doing Presidents. Very cool. Very American. Could've put in a few more Presidents, especially founders. The Teddy is cute but he wasn't a founding father. That Abe Lincoln bust looked a little like a head for a minute there. The counters and chairs look nice and I'm hoping that the food looks good.

    Agree with comment on flag - it comes off more disrespectful and less patriotic.

    Another thing served in a cast iron pan. Can't they just remove the handle and color the black some other color and make it a bowl? SO TIRED of things being served in cookware. It's not attractive or cute...and that handle blocks other things.
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    What? We only had one valentine themed update this year (excluding the sale) ? But oh well. At least there's a new appliance, which is hopefully for coins.

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    Loving the new flooring, windows, and wallpaper Really hope the windows aren't for gems!
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    I don't like this update. :/

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    I love the windows !

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    Dislike dislike dislike

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