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Thread: Harvest Boost

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    I agree that globe is misleading. Players should just go straight to the apothecary and make their selection there. But even there I double check that the right boost is showing as selected.
    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    I check each boost before activating too. It's sad though that players are being caught off-guard by this. Hopefully when the new Elven goal is released this glitch will be fixed. One can only hope.
    Quote Originally Posted by kattkrazie View Post
    This happens when you use the globe on the bottom right of your screen to select your boost. Even if you select the kitchen boost, the apothecary always opens up on the workshop boost so you have to make your selection twice to get the boost you want. This has confused a lot of players who assume that the apothecary opens up on the boost they just selected. S8 should probably take a look at this to see if it can be fixed. Or get rid of the globe which serves no purpose.
    I've forwarded this feedback about the Boost page to the design team.

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    I used the fast worker boost, it did not speed up the workshop

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