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Thread: What's your ideal sized bakery?

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    What's your ideal sized bakery?

    Do you have a perfect size? Is bigger better or do you think that it can get too big? Mine is 18x21 and I'd like to be a little bigger bc I find it hard to do multiple themes and I have 24 ovens to maneuver. I don't ever seem to have the money to expand but I think 2 expansions might be enough for me. What about you? Fwiw, my other bakery is 14x17 and I find it perfect for a cohesive theme.

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    I like medium sized bakeries; maybe on the smaller side... My bakery is currently 14x17. I'm planning on maybe expanding 2 more times and then I'll stop. I think it depends on playing style. Personally, for me it's always been about decorating. I change my theme monthly; sometimes bimonthly so I spend about 2 million coins per month every month. As such, I find it pretty hard to expand, but I don't mind because it would be impossible to plan cohesive themes in a large bakery. Also, I keep minimal counters and chairs but I also keep a very short neighbor list; about 40 four ⭐️ Neighbors I can depend on. I do like big bakeries though and lots of my neighbors have great cohesive themes... So I guess it's not impossible, just not for me!

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    I like to have my bakery as big as possible so I can have a giant event area

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    I'm happy with my 13x16 bakery. It's small enough that I can completely redo it without needing to spend a ton of coins, even if I want a really expensive tile, and I never worry about baking endless RVC to get my next expansion . It's also helpful because redecorating floors on Android is annoying. And I prefer a cohesive decor anyway, so I don't need space for all my different decor at once, just whatever my current theme is.

    It is a bit challenging sometimes to decorate when it's a theme I have a lot of good decor for, but figuring out how to fit the ovens and tables & chairs in around the stuff I really want to put out keeps decorating interesting!

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    I like to expand my bakery to the maximum so that I can design my bakery the way I like. Is real fun doing design just love art.

    Here is my bakery with my strawberry design.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Enjoy Baking! 🍰

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    The bigger the better for me, I want the biggest bakery!
    Currently Playing Bakery Story, I'm always adding friends!

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