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Thread: Why is this game updated

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    Exclamation Why is this game updated

    We deserve new items weekly like all your other games now you haven't even put items up this month, why is this game so neglected compared to your other games, some people have been playing really long . And are loyal and long time gamers we deserve updates new items and attention. Or are you canceling this game?. Please respond and send weekly updates like before and if your going to still leave it at once a month, add like eight items instead of 4 , floors wall etc . Put some effort into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpebbles73 View Post
    Why is this game Not updated
    Hi there! We appreciate your feedback concerning this game, and have forwarded this concern over to the design team. If you have any questions about your account, please submit a ticket by filling out this form and PM me your ticket number. Thank you!

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    I also really love this game but have quit playing because it seems like it is being shut down.

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