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Thread: Watching vids to earn gems on Android phones

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    Watching vids to earn gems on Android phones


    I play Restaurant Story on my android phone and just recently realised that you can earn gems by watching videos every day if playing on an iPad! Are there any plans to offer android device players the opportunity to watch videos and earn gems, too?!! Pretty please?!! I'd love the chance to buy some of the gem-heavy items available, and I just can't afford to spend money on buying gems for the game!

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    I have Android and have the gem videos. I read elsewhere on this forum that some people have it and some don't. It's random! :-/

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    This is a promotional feature that is sent out randomly. It is subject to change, so if you do not have this feature, you may receive it in the future.
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    How do you find out if u have this feature?

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    I was able to get gems for watching for a month or two when I got a new Android. What a tease they get you hooked and cut you off..

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