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Thread: Would like to delete parts I'll never use, and unlock appliances from old goals, etc.

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    Deleting unused building parts

    Quote Originally Posted by mixxed View Post
    Been playing since 2011 myself, granted I did try to quit once *tear*. So count me in for gaining access to missed goals, id pay to open those missed appliances. Ive seen some cute cupcakes on ones I missed.

    110% could not agree more about a confirmation before spending gems for exactly the reason you mentioned. I don't know why I always reach out to ask to exchange what i did for a refund of gems full knowing they will say we don't refund on gems lol.

    Id love having some sorting options for the inventory. The swipping to scroll through everything after all these years of content is just crazy. Would be nice to make my own category but at the very least pre-configured options makes sense.
    I would honestly love to be able to "search" through both my gifted parts and my inventory but i might be reaching here.
    Please give us a way to delete unused parts and let us buy old goal ovens and decorations

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    I know right?! Have too many parts that I don't want or, need. Useless and, the creators, I don't think even read these comments. They need to change the game, has been the same for years.

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    Yes this would be super helpful! And also what is the order or priority of requests.

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