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Thread: can't open app... "loading"

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    can't open app... "loading"

    I've got a problem with the RS app on my iPad. every time I try to open the app all I get is the start screen and I see the litte circle loading and loading. I've waited for minutes but the app won't open. it's been like that for several hours now.
    I've checked my wifi connection, it's ok, BS is working fine, the forum is a bit slow but ok.
    I've force closed the app and restarted... nothing. I've even restarted my iPad... nothing!
    I've had the same problem a few days ago, but after waiting for about an hour everything was back to normal. but unfortunately not this time

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    Sorry to hear that! Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the game and see if you are able to open the game? Please let me know!

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