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Thread: Snow Leopard Seal February 3 2017

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    Snow Leopard Seal February 3 2017

    17 Hours

    There snow one else like this new cuddly creature! Swift on land and in water, you may not outrun it. Give some hugs to the Snow Leopard Seal in Fantasy Forest Story!

    Quote Originally Posted by Drachenia View Post
    Hello everybody! I now accelerated the breeding with gems, Crystal Unicorn / Birthdaybear and got 7x Rainguin, 1x Rockodile, 1x Glacial Griffin and Snow Leopard. I got this beauty, super and great designe Hellapanda

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    Cute :3 I really want to win this one and keep it in baby form :3 So cute~!!
    My land is going to be filled with baby animals XD I just can't seem to bring myself to evolve some of them due to them being super cute in baby form >_<

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    Love it!! This one is a winner. Can't wait for February 3rd. Kudos Storm 8

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    Is this a tournament animal?

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    Cute but I have not won a tournament in I don't know how long. So not holding on to much hope.

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    Oh yea! I suggested this one so definitely will be trying for it! It's beautiful!

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    It's so cute! By the description, it sounds like it's a breedable animal

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    I love it it will be friends with my Walrust that I just got. Thank you Eluzyion ❤️

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    i love it too
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    Cute! I don't recognize that habitat... what element will this be I wonder?

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