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Thread: Game abandoned?

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    Game abandoned?

    Hello, just wondering what is happening with this game. No new events, new recipes....nothing! I'm at max level and finished all goals available, I know it takes a while to save for all ovens, ingredients, recipes..but lately there is nothing to do! I've almost mastered all of the recipes, so I've only filling out to go orders for expansions and upgrade of the pantry etc.

    Is there going to be new content soon? Or I just forget about the game and move on.

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    I've been wondering the same thing.

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    I think there might be a valentines day update as there was last year ..... I think they called love and cupcakes .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ethan1brothers View Post
    I think there might be a valentines day update as there was last year ..... I think they called love and cupcakes .....
    why sd it be? they didn't even make smth for xmas, just relisted last year's goal...
    it does look abandoned. i even don't receive advertising goals in bs2 any more.

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    Yes, I had a download for 14gems in RS2 at the weekend but nothing in BS2, usually they appear in all the games. Just wish we could have some sort of confirmation one way or another of the plans for the game

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    Been wondering the same. Farm Story 2 have had back to back events for Groundhog Day and now valentines, BS2 never even got neighbors activated and I've been playing since release. It seems like a while since we've had any event

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    Hello all. Seems storm8 had lay offs so not sure we will ever be getting updates or answers I have been stuck on level 45 for weeks and experience points are not registering.

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    Still playing BS2. For about a month it was about a handful of times. I kept checking this game.
    The visual is beautiful. Detail is clear. Is it my imagination? Has the visual been enhanced this past couple of months?
    The game runs smoothly. Someone must be taking care of it.
    I still exchange quick serves with friends.
    Glad I bought the gem oven. It's a good investment for a serious BS2 player such as myself.
    The only quest I have is to expand the bakery.
    All stores, ingredients and recipes are unlocked. There's more to do. I want to master all the recipes, expand the bakery and store stock.
    I keep up take out for parts. Looking for bricks. Occasionally do SBC for keys necessary for gourmet recipes.
    The quiet is welcome, like a winter rest from planting and harvest.
    Considering the app for BS2 is still available, game still online running smoothly, I think that when S8 is ready. . .someday there will be new activity with Bakery Story 2.
    Thanks for reading this.

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    I hope that this isn't the case and they start with an update and finally include and introduce NEIGHBORS to the game. The "coming soon" note is most definitely a lie/misleading. Coming soon isn't well over a year.

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    It would be great if the moderators could tell us if the game will not have any further developments.
    Like many, i have reached level 45, completed all the goals, mastered all recipes and accumulated significant amount of coins and keys....
    i found it aimless to bake continuously with nothing to look forward. Will leave the game by end of this month if there is nothing new.

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