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Thread: Game abandoned?

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    I just wanted to also voice an opinion that this game is still wanted. I would love to play through some of the old goals again at the very least. I just barely missed the sakura cake roll in 2016 and I keep wanting to come back and play through more events to no avail.
    I would probably spend money for OLD content much less new content. That's how I feel about BS2.
    I realize the predominant opinion for this game is that it's a knock-off of the original Bakery Story. Personally, I prefer the graphics and the gameplay of BS2. And I like BS2 a lot better than RS2, it never made sense to me why that game proceeded with more content over this one.
    Is there anywhere else where we can leave feedback for more content - like somewhere that executives or people with power are able to see? >_>

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    I don’t know why, but Im still playing this game hoping they’ll add more content someday. I agree with many on here that there need to be other things to spend the silver and gold keys on. I get them way too often for them to be considered rare and am in constant need of bronze ones for gourmet ingredients. And the ability to add more appliances and store ones not needed would be nice. I havent used the daily bread oven in ages but have to keep looking at it and I would like more mixers and blenders for when I need a lot of custard and frosting. Another feature Id like is to be able to adjust the number of an item that I want to delete from the pantry. I’ll have say way too many jars and invitations for pantry expansion and Im waiting for enough shelves but my allowed number of items keeps getting maxed out. Id just like to delete the overage of jars or invitations, not all of them. I guess Im putting my 2 cents worth on here in case someone at Storm8 wonders if anyone is still playing this game.

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    What has happened to this game nothing for years!

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    Yes, I’m wondering the same many of us out there are still playing??

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