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Thread: Fairy Flowerbeds

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    Fairy Flowerbeds

    Fairy flower bed has always been a consistent drop of fey crystals for me. Now it's just seeds and petals!!!! This is a gem purchase I made solely for the chance of fey crystals and now they change it? I call this foul play! This is aggravating to say the least. I know what I'll hear, that it was a rare chance of fey crystals, but I say no, I've always had a good return on these. Don't change the rules on a gem purchase.
    I guess you can call this my rant of the day. So unfair. Pretty soon my living wood tree will have rare drop of living wood. I'm just a little ticked.

    Edit follows:
    Ok. I guess I should have checked the Hub first. I may be completely wrong about this. Maybe it was fairy fountain? But I could have sworn it was the flowerbeds. It could have been in an alternate universe.
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    I hope I'm not jinxing myself by posting this, but the faerie bridge has had a pretty good fey crystal drop rate for me.
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    Ok. I think I'll have to eat crow. I was getting fey crystal and fairy murmur mixed up. BROTHER!!!
    And you are correct about the bridge. And the fairy fountain also drops fey crystals. And the moon crystal. I plead temporary insanity. Argh!

    Feel free to delete this fiasco.
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