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Thread: Gem Purchase Confirmation Button

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    Gem Confirmation Button Petition

    This is an official player petition to Storm8 requesting the addition of a gem confirmation button.

    I'm sure the result will be a unanimous "yes".

    Every player wants it and this should be a feature that already exists in gameplay.

    I'm sure every player has been stung, at least once, by an accidental slip of the finger, eating up their hard-earned/bought gems.

    It's incredibly frustrating that something with actual real world value can be accidentally wasted so easily.

    I've placed this tread in the Discussions feed as I wish to create a player discussion.

    Please Storm8 deliver on customer demand.

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    Yes please!

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    +1 add this button!

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    I only play Castle Story, but always welcome new neighbors.

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    thread merged with 2 other existing threads requesting a confirmation button.

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    Agreed!! Wasted so many gems because of a lagging game that stops responding and then all of a sudden catches up to the finger taps and WHAM! I've wasted gems speeding up something like collecting from a chicken or buying 12 more energy when fighting. So PLEASE ... YES, add a confirmation button in a separate location to when spending gems! Thank You ��

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    Agreed! I hate it when I speed up something stupid accidentally - I really don't want to waste like 80 gems on speeding up dragon ( since I'm always maxed out on it's drops.)

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    i think it is starting to become a false economy for S8 not too offer this.

    i know lots of people (& i myself as well) only buy gems just before buying an item. Some don't buy at all anymore.

    i used to occasionally buy gems when on offer & store them for when needed.

    i & my friends are def buying less gems nowadays bcos of those times when we all get fat finger syndrome or fall asleep mid timed quest & speed up a market place with your nose hitting the screen. Or buy extra money or energy /sigh

    i think it wud be a great, good will gesture, pretty please with a cherry on top.

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    I am so �� mad. 65 gems gone on speeding up an adventure...pointless, I don't speed anything up (not even during events). It is ridiculous first, that S8 puts storyline requirements that only come from gem items, then when I'm close to saving enough gems to buy something the game pauses then takes 65 gems . Completely unacceptable.
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    Lost diamonds 😡

    I am so annoyed! I just lost 20 Diamonds on Princess Loreli's Fountain. I just collected from it, and the screen jigged back and the 20 Dimonds got accidentally hit and spent. I am so tired of this happening! Would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! put a "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SPEND THIS" addendum to the game, so we don't continually spend unwanted Diamonds on items. Twenty Diamonds, to speed up a fountain, I didn't want to speed up is ridiculous. I know it can't be hard to add this question to a use of or purchase of diamonds. There are other games that have this question built in before the use of Diamonds.

    PLEASE! Storm 8! PLEASE! Add this! It takes me a LONG TIME to get my Diamonds, as I am on a fixed income and can not just buy them anytime I wish to. Unwanted random use of them is a big nuisance, and a big deal to me.
    I am sure that there are other game players who feel the same.

    I sincerely hope that you can and will make this change to the use of Diamonds in the game. I thank you, with great hope of this change, in advance.

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