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Thread: Gem Purchase Confirmation Button

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    I have been playing for many years, possibly since the launch of the game. I have on many occasions sped up accidentally and spent hard earned gems pointlessly. Today topped the cake. I was expanding and was tapping the pay coins but the screen moved and I tapped on skip button for the compasses. Not sure exactly how many gems I spent but looking at neighbouring plots, it was about 1500 gems. And to think I had more than enough compasses in storage! It is absolutely heartbreaking and might be the final accidental gem loss that makes me abandon my kingdom for good.

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    This is the biggest head scratcher ever. Ive been playing since the beginning and have also lost hundreds of gems through the years. Why they have refused to resolve this issue just seems like a terrible business decision. It has created very negative feelings toward the game for numerous people. Unhappy people are much less likely to spend money.

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    I 10000000000000000000000000% agree & suggest there should be a ?WARNING YOU ARE ABOUT TO SPEND GEMS! Confirm??? Confirmation screen. The amount of gems I?ve spent accidentally or in a bug is ridiculous & has to number over 1000. In fact it just happen for 250 4 minutes before my craft was done which would?ve spent 0 & that?s is why I?m PO?ed. I could make the argument it?s unethical but greed makes the world go round.

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