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Thread: Why am I getting golden knobs from some neighbors who send food??

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    Hey there Rollos. I tested it in our games and was able to send the gift correctly. As SpiritWind has mentioned, there is an issue in Bakery Story with gifting. If your neighbours are not gifting through the Social Screen, you'll be receiving whatever default gift they have for bulk gifting. Our team is aware of the issue. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollostreats View Post
    They are sending the cappuccino to me but all I get are golden Knobs! Weird huh. Lol
    Hi, just seen your post. I was also gifted a golden knob instead of cappuccino by one of my neighbours the other day. It was a bit odd for them so I mentioned it & they have just replied today saying they sent it in error lol which is a bit odd too as the 2 items are no where near each other on the picking list. Guess it's some sort of a glitch. Only had the one though.

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    When they use the "Gift Back" button, its sends the WRONG gift for EVERY item. Never use "Gift Back" bc it doesn't work the same way Restaurant Story works. There is a glitch w/ this feature. They need to index the gifts like RS. Also, if you use the GB button after someone sends you an Element, it sends a hose :-/. I have to gift manually. I hope they fix it!
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    Please use the workaround as suggested by Storm8. See Post 1 of Thread: Bakery Story 1.7.6 Issues for more information and continue your discussions there. Thanks.

    Edit: FrozenTurtle

    Known Issues:
    • Gifting back to neighbors only has option of gifting Knob, current workaround: visit neighbor directly and use the gift button while viewing their Restaurant
    (Closing this duplicate thread since question has been answered.)

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