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Thread: Bakery Suggestion Thread

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    I thought of a really helpful suggestion earlier today- i think that we should be able to gift our neighbors gems!! this would be sooo so so helpful. please consider this

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    Hi everyone
    I have played bakery story for years
    And when I got a new phone had to start from scratch
    I have spent A LOT of money on buying decorations which I don't mind doing as I love the game but there should be a way to still be able to buy old items that are no longer goals. I'm basically asking you to take more of my money I think that would be a win win situation lol

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    Hi, my idea would be a teddy bears picnic theme large teddy bears to buy, picnic scene as a prize, blankets, new trees, maybe park benches, I like the idea of a red checkered table cloth and matching chairs in a dark wood. I know we've had woodland theme wallpaper but something new would be awesome. I'm stuck on flooring, but maybe it could be done for autumn/fall and have brown leaves? I know I'd buy it all thanks!!

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    List of Suggestions


    So, I've been playing these games for quite some time, although I have switched between many accounts; mainly because before you really couldn't transfer games like you can easily now. However, over time, I have run into a lot of issues; well, they're not so much issues as they are frustrations. I know it takes a lot of work to even just make games as great as these ones, and I greatly appreciate them, but there's just some stuff I do wish worked differently.

    I'm sorry to make such a large post with many topics inside of it, but here is just a list of a lot of things that have been bugging me about these games over the years (mind you, I really do love these games):


    - It takes forever to redo wallpaper or tiling if you want to change your design, it would be a lot nicer and less frustrating if we could go into a different kind of edit mode (or even have an updated edit mode) where you could select the wallpaper or tile that you want, and simply click the squares or walls you want the item on; then you'd accept your changes and it'd all be done at once.

    - I wish there was an option to display items on counter/racks that was able to be toggled while in edit mode; because I'm a freak and like to organize things sometimes in my games, especially if I'm stocking my shops up.

    - There should be a way to scroll through the shop instead of hitting the arrow over and over again; it'd just be more efficient.

    - There should be a way to sort the shop in order of price, or by what you already own. Or there could be a specific place where inventory items are held for use later on.


    - Quests are all fine and dandy until you get to one that requires to purchase specific amount of something and you have to cover your whole shop in tiles to meet the requirement. Example: There's a quest to purchase a certain amount of a specific floor tile in Restaurant Story and I already had over 100 of that tile. Guess what I had to do to complete the quest? I had to lay down every single tile that I already owned before I could make any progress on the actual quest line. That's right; I had to tap and double-tap the entire floor of my already designed restaurant just to complete a quest. Some people are probably asking, "Why didn't you just use gems to skip it?" And the answer to that is because I shouldn't have to waste gems on something that could have been easily solved by the game recognizing that I've already spent thousands of coins and time on those same exact tiles, which brings me to my next bullet statement.

    - Using gems on quests should always be optional; not mandatory. Example: In Fashion Story, there is a quest that requires you to purchase three Aquarium Counters for your store. You are only given two options; waste 3 gems to skip the quest, or waste 9 gems to truly complete it. Now, if you want the item, then that's great, but I don't think gems should be required to complete a quest. The whole point of the special currency is to get people to want to purchase it, not to force them to. Games are no longer fun when they require you to spend real money in the game. Yes, you can earn gems, but why should you have to waste them on stuff you'd never even want in your shop to begin with? You're already forced to spend thousands of coins on stuff you'd never actually display.


    - I used to have a lot of fun creating my daily messages for my friends using emojis and text alike. However, I now understand that Android users specifically cannot see emojis in the game. This really stinks; I know some people hate them, but it just gave the message boards a lot of color and fun. I enjoyed seeing what my neighbors would leave for me, but now I can't. Please bring back emojis for all of us.

    - Deleting messages (and neighbors) takes like 20 years. It would be more beneficial and less irritating if you could just click the edit button, select everything (or everyone) you want to delete, and then verify your deletion. It'd also be nice if there was just a flat-out way to clear your whole message board, or at least choose "Select All," then you could deselect ones you wanted to keep (since i know some people leave messages for visitors on their own boards).


    - When you want to put out food that you've been gifted in Restaurant and Bakery Story, you have to tap the arrow to go the whole way to the end of your list, as each page only displays 6 items, parts always being first. This wouldn't be so bad if there was a way to just scroll instead of tapping the arrow. Also, it'd be nice to have food always in the front, as parts are pretty irrelevant on that screen. If you want to see what parts you have, it's easier to just go past one or two pages of food than it is to go past nearly 20 pages of parts if you need to get to food.

    - If you can only accept a certain amount of gifts per day, it might also be helpful to have that number listed somewhere so that players don't waste their gift acceptance quota on things they don't want or need.

    - I feel like if someone already reached their gift acceptance quota for the day, their gift button should be grayed out, just like if you already gifted them, and they should not show up on your gifting list. Another thing is that if you've already requested parts from people that day for a new appliance, they should not show up in your list either. It is a waste of time to select the entire list if half of them can't even receive gifts or you've already sent a part request to them.


    - More menus that could use the scrolling feature include the ordering panel in Fashion Story (both first one you encounter when clicking the "Catalog" button and the one you counter when actually trying to order items. Also, the menus in Restaurant and Bakery Story where you are cooking food. Scrolling will always be better than tapping that arrow; it'll just get you to where you want to be faster.

    - There should be an option to sort items by cost, time, or mastery progress in these games as well. I can't tell you how many times I tap the arrow to go to the next page, just to find something that cooks/processes for a very specific amount of time; I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.


    - Collecting tips/likes can take what seems like forever sometimes; and that's only with just a few tables. Having a huge store makes it even more time consuming. It would be nice if the process either went more quickly, or if there was just a button to click the would collect everything at once for you. The less tapping, the more convenient. While I do know a way around how slow this process is, it still sometimes requires closing and restarting the game if you aren't quick about it.

    - Leaving tips even takes a long time sometimes. The only reason this doesn't bother me as much as collecting tips is because I can write my neighbor a message while the tips are applying to the tables I selected.

    That's all I can really think of right this minute, but I'm sure I'll end up remembering something that I forgot to mention this time.

    Are any of you as fellow players having these same issues or frustrations? Please share your thoughts as well. Thanks for reading either way!
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    Please make some vegan ovens and ice cream machines. Almond milk and coconut milk are much better alternatives than cow's milk. Did you know there are at least 24 egg replacement options, many of which are ordinary items? 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tsp. baking soda per egg leaves no taste of either and makes bakery such as cupcakes and quick breads fluffy. There is margarine with no trans fats that tastes very close to butter (which is all fat). Not convinced that plant-based is far healthier and the wave of the future? Watch "What the Health"! There are vegan bakeries. Having goal threads periodically of vegan (or plant-based) bakery and other treats might educate players to be healthier and live longer to keep playing Bakery Story!

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    It would be nice if there was a "Select All" option on the gifting screen, so you don't have to pick every single checkbox manually. I send all of my neighbors the same item at once. I don't cater to picky people, so it saves me time. I do respond to requests through the game, but not someone writing on my wall.

    Also, when you forget about the game and the pop-up comes up the next time you log in asking you if you'd like to recover the items or trash them, the buttons should be on the same side on every game. I accidentally recovered items (wasting my gems) before because I play Fashion, Bakery, and Restaurant, and on one of them the buttons are flip-flopped from the other two. So, that sucked. I also wish that if you selected the button to throw away the expired goods, that it would just take care of it for you; you have to manually click on every single oven to trash the food.

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    Please bring back the option to send gems to friends. Thx

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    [QUOTE=Rynetory2;1414311]What new items would you like to see come to your bakery?
    Please post your suggestions here. [/QUO

    Quote Originally Posted by Daughteroftheking33 View Post
    What improvements and new suggestions would you like to see in this game?

    Here is my list

    1. Daily gem videos(At least 2 a day)
    2. Monthly competition(Whoever decorates their bakery the best according to the guidelines wins gems and coins)
    3. Create a "select all" button for gifting neighbors (some people have over 500 neighbors. It's a pain trying to check all of the boxes)
    4. Make it where we can complete old goals even when new goals are up. ( For example, let's say we have a Saint Patrick's goal and someone did not like it. They should have a choice to complete one of the older goals. The expiration for the new goal still could be the same for the old. Almost everyday their are people that install Bakery Story for the first time and not able to enjoy the older goals.
    5. Bring back the block feature.
    6. Bring back the gem dispenser.
    7. Make it where we can type the name of the gift we would like to send without having to keep clicking the arrow thousands of times.
    8. Have 40% off of gems on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents' Day, and 4th of July.
    9. Have it where players could help design wallpapers, chairs, tables, and decorations for goals( That could be once every blue moon)
    10. Be able to sell unwanted gifts.
    11. Be able to see which neighbors are active and not active. It would be cool to see how many days the neighbors have not been active.
    12. Could you make it where when Bakery Story owners post a message on their walls it don't go to the bottom when neighbors post. It would be cool if Bakery Story owners messages stay at the top and the neighbors posts go straight to the bottom.
    13. Make it where when people buy a crate they should have a pop up that says "Are you sure you want to purchase?" There been many of times when I accidentally clicked a box by mistake and I lost my gems.
    14. When we sell items there should be a pop up saying "Are you sure you want to sell?"
    15. When we exchange gems for coins there should be a pop up saying "Are you sure you want to exchange your gems for coins?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeldon2864 View Post
    I'm with a lot of this too. Makes sense. Seen others ask for this but S8 never did it.
    I agree with all that with all of this. I really wish storm8 would answer us

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    I agree. I love the idea of spices. I also want them to bring gifting friends gems

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    My list:
    1. Be able to gift friends gems
    2. Have additional goals of the things that done ppl might have not unlocked during times goals. If you completed the timed goal already, it will just give you the rewards anyway.
    3.Have better ways to get gems. (Possibly lower prices)
    4.Have daily "Special Condiments" which are things that you get every other day. They give you the option to dismiss them or use them to speed up dishes. (They would look all cute like little spice shakers)
    5. Have longer to complete goals

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