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Thread: Bakery Suggestion Thread

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    I have an issue where if something doesn’t have a price (retired or an item from turning in collections, for example) and I place it, then I’m sent back to the start of the item category list. It’s really frustrating when trying to decorate or place ovens, especially is the item is like twenty pages deep in the list or a lot of the item needs placed (like a floor tile).

    I know I say this all the time but the amount of parts needed for goal ovens is so so difficult. The amount of gifts that can be sent and receives either need raised or the amount of parts lowered.

    I think the sending gifts situation needs some help. There’s a lot of pages to scroll through. It would be amazing if it were sorted. It could be done by years, by season, by theme, or even by color would be much more helpful than the giant list there is now.

    I love this game and I wish for it to get better so people keep playing and stop leaving like they have been

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    The pace of the game is too much. My bakery is being filled with too much food instead of decorations and tables. And it is getting more difficult by the goal to search for anything in the tabs. I no longer redecorate as it takes up too much time. And my coins are being drained by the constant baking and buying for goals. Please fix. I really want to collect the ovens/recipes but soon I won't be able to afford them.

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    I would like to see more stand-alone characters as decor. I know we have a few different types of Hazel and some specialty characters such as servers, cheerleader, bee farmer, etc but I'd like to see more "plain" characters that we can build into our set pieces as we see fit when we decorate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naya2017 View Post
    I've said this before but I'll repeat it in case anyone from S8 reads feedback - I've spent a decent amount of real $ in this game for beautiful decor, and I'd be more than willing to throw down some more cash if it means I can unlock old ovens. THAT is what I think drives people to spend for IAPs - not rushing goals. Give me access to recipes and lovely items that I missed due to not starting the game at an earlier time, and I'll fork over my wallet.
    I think this is the greatest suggestion someone has say.

    I would be happy to get old decor I have miss out on. I would also spend moneys just to get beautiful old decor from goal in past.

    Like have it like value pack in way, but you get everything unlock for specific amount of moneys.

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