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Thread: Unlocking remaing goals

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    Lightbulb reopen past goal ovens and locked recipes on other ovens

    alot of people including myself that play bakery story think that we should be given the chance or option to buy the past goal ovens that are in the store that have locks on them still whether it be gems or coins.there are alot of ovens that people who started the game after those goals can no longer get which i think is unfaair to alot of people and im not the only one who thinks so. there are alot of other people want the chance to own the ovens as well. also alot of people want the rainbow oven brought back including myself this is another thing alot of people talk about is wanting the chance to own the rainbow oven. it is a really nice oven and many people will like the chance of owning this oven. also on some ovens available there are recipes that are locked on them from past goals. which i think is unfair that out of 3 or 4 options of recipes there is only 1 available to cook and the rest are locked. there are ovens like the deep sea oven that only have 1 recipe out of 3 unlocked. everyone should have the opportunity to unlcok or buy with coiins the remaining recipes on those ovens. lastly one other thing alot of people talk about is expanding your bakery is far to expensive. it takes everyone far too long to get enough coins to expand. not everyone can afford to buy the gems all the time so we have to use coins which takes months or longer to get enough to expand. i hope that these will be given some thought as there are alot of people inclludiing myself that would like these opportunities. thanks

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    I think every player want this, every one of them want to be able to unlock past ovens that they missed.
    So.pliz, let's US have a chance to get them all

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    Unlock old appliances!!

    There are PLENTY of ovens and other appliances that are locked by goals, goals that you could play several years ago. Newer players want those items too!
    PLEASE make the locked ovens and other appliances available for purchase during a limited period of time.
    (You can even make them cost diamonds, I would pay real money to get them!)

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    Old Goal Appliances/Bakery Story

    Hey guys! I've been a BS player for years but unfortunately have not aquired all of the old goal appliances, like coffee maker etc. There should be an update soon as to where you can purchase old goal appliances with gems or coins! Has anyone discussed this with anyone?

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    I definitely agree with the other players. It would be nice to be able to unlock or purchase the old appliance goals. It's frustrating to purchase a new appliance wait for the parts, only to find out that you can only make some of the recipes. One idea is to have posted on here the original wallpaper and flooring purchase for the appliance, along with the additional purchases to unlock the rest of the recipes. Kind of like an Easter egg. Could be available 3 months to a year after goal is over.

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