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Thread: Videos not working

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    There must be a lot of advertisers who aren't getting their ads seen. I also haven't had working videos for a couple of weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crzy4food View Post
    The videos to speed up cooking is not working. All I keep getting is, sorry, video failed to load, try again later. This is also happening on bakery story. I already sent a support ticket for bakery story and I don't want to have to send another one for restaurant story. I would like to know if this is happening to anyone else and I would really like to have this fixed. I'm on iOS
    This has been happening to me for months now. The customer services tickets (do not work) as they just send us here to fourms. Sadly no one seems to have fix for this (sad face) Since I use to use the gems everyday to save up for fun things. If you ever find a fix. Please let us know xoxo

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