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Thread: Birthstone ponies! NEW AMETHYST PONY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraGSJK View Post
    Thank you so very much for posting all the steps. You are so very helpful! Not to mention super nice. Good luck with the events/goals to you and everyone.
    Hi Laura! You're very welcome, the quote you posted above was from garnet pony..not sure why kooky included it but don't use that one! Hehe go by the post on page 12 or the quote on page 1 under where it says amethyst pony please!

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    Birthstones : Amethyst Pony feb 15, 2017 (gemstone dark)

    i'm starting a new thread because it would be easier to have the steps in post#1

    step 1 :
    - harvest spell melon x6 (skip : 30 gems)

    step 2 :
    - breed rhino with another animal (skip : 25 gems)
    tips : breed with dark because we need dreambat
    - collect 12 amethyst from breeding (skip : 16)

    step 3
    - hatch a dreambat (earth dark, 13h) (skip : 50)
    - feed dreambat x50 (skip : 112)
    (if you got a dreambat, you can feed it while trying to breed one)

    step 4
    - plant banana mana x6 (skip : 12)
    - collect 200 amethyst from farms (skip : 260)

    reward : Amethyst Pony (gemstone dark, hatching 15h, evolving 17h)

    good luck everyone
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    I absolutely NEED this Amythst Pony! My fav color (even my own hair is purple) plus sparkly and pretty like a unicorn. Two full months of playing and I've yet to breed a unicorn :-(
    I'm going to concentrate on this for a while instead of the Valentine's critters. Besides, flocks of Racmoons will be a nice addition to our herds of Armordillos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eluzyion View Post
    Amethyst pony

    Plant 6 spell melons (harvest sorry)

    Start breeding with rock rhino
    Collect 12 amethyst stones by BREEDING

    Hatch DREAM BAT dark/earth 13 hours
    Feed dream bat 50x

    Plant 6 mana banana
    Collect 200 amethyst stones by HARVESTING

    REWARD: Amethyst pony birthstone/dark 15 hour incubation / 17 hour evolution

    Good Luck!
    Thank you Eluzyion! I got dream bat on 3rd try!

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    Thank you. Your step is so details.

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    Thank you!!!!

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    ღ♥ ♥ღ

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    Quote Originally Posted by poofyena View Post
    Dream bat is a hard one. First attempt is a 9 hour fail. I hope i don't have to skip all the steps. It'll cost to much.

    Anyone know if we have to harvest all 6 spell melons at once? Usually it doesn't matter but i just harvested 4 and it hasn't registered that I've done any.
    I harvested my Spell Melons in 2 separate batches, no problems.

    Currently breeding a Racmoon when I need a Dream Bat. 😕

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    Woo for dreambat on first try! This usually doesn't happen for me on goal lines so very happy.

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    I had 2 small dreambats (next to my L 15 one) and I sold them because of a lack of space. :cry: :cry:
    now I try to hatch another one on purpose grrr (3rd try sofar) That will cost a lot again but I really like the purple pony. I hope it will be worht spending a lot again on all those animals but that is what makes this game fun!

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    Second dream bat try is another racmoon. Hoping to breed the bat soon as the evo time is long enough!

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