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Thread: Winter Wonderland Event - missing community prize

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    Funny you say that ryntory2----I got the tree on my bacon and eggs farm, but my farm seems to have switched from the Christmas version-yet I do not see an update! Came here to see what was going on!
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    This might be unrelated but, having a look around, the only neighbours of mine that have it are those with the gingerbread castle at level 15 ( which mine isn't)

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    Hi, I've tried shutting down the farm, restarting it as well as reinstalling the app, but to no avail. The last community prize is missing from my farm too. 😣

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    My farm ID is alessia135

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    Me too using version 2.6.2, but the tree is not

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    No final prize tree for me either. I did go through my whole inventory list and restarted the iPad with no luck. I am using version 2.6.2 but my IOS is not updated to version 10. Maybe that is the problem? My game's name is iFarm, level 50+.

    Another question: I kept some gingerbread trees for deco. Now that the event is over, they can be saved. However, those cute trees have shrunk and look so sad. Any idea why the trees are smaller now?

    Thanks to everybody who posts all the info for events.

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    Yes both farms received tree....both castles at level 15! Good catch

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    I have got no final community frosty tree I have restarted twice but no tree in my cellar

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    I did not get the frosty tree and is not in my cellar 😕

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    I did not get the frosty tree

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