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Thread: New Leaderboard: Living Art January 3, 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuppikahvia View Post
    I was in probably the strongest group ever... I did not even try hard and got 5900 points worth a fantastic... LAST PLACE!
    The winner had 48k++
    The runner-up 41k
    The third 20k

    Imagine that... Getting 20,000 points and not getting the pony...
    Those numbers are insane! I had to spend quite a lot of gems in the final hours to speed evolve in order to come in first with a little over 10,000 points. So much of this is just the luck of the draw - which group you're in determines your chances more than anything else.

    I put my Sagittarius pony, Garnet pony, and Art Nouveau pony all in the same habitat. 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eluzyion View Post
    Congrats Alideh! You deserved it
    Thank you

    @Drachenia : Thank you and thank you for the tips, I definitely want to do that for the next leaderboards. Put a super rare egg on the nest even if the breeding den is done and wait until it starts to hatch it even if it finishes before. Its one thing I haven't done.

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    I am happy to get my Pop Art Pony in 2nd place - but i am exhausted in gems now. It was such a hard fight over the last hours. I love horses/ponies and wanted it since i saw it. I started pretty good and was on 1st place about all the time with spending about 600 gems in the first days for two unicorn statues and speeding a little bit up with breeding and feeding all my apples (almost 400 K) it was working very well. I was about 20 K yesterday - and four hours before the end i was only on 3rd place and their were a lot of gold boosts active for lower placed players.
    What to do? I don't wanted to loose my gems and the pony and i saved a lot of gems from the last month - so i had still 1200 gems in story and i speed bred and evolved in the last hour and ended in 2nd place - and luckily got my pony with only 200 gems left.
    But i feel sorry for the owner of the 3rd place who was about the whole 10 days in the second or 3rd place. She lost the pony with 22K! That hurts really and makes me feel a little bit bad about my pony. First place was 31K - and i ended with 29K.

    This way my pony costed 1700 gems! But i saved 400 gems if i would have purchased it - and i hatched a lot of rare, super rare and ultra rare permanent animals to fullfill my album:
    - Paradise Parrot (i tried since one year for it and ever got Fallabies or Solar Simians)
    - Mercat
    - Frostrich :-)
    - Volcamel (needed for the Garnet Pony)
    - Monsoon Marmot
    - Porkupine
    - Dragonfly
    - Fruitbat
    - Storm Sphinx
    - Shockatoo
    and a Obsidian Cyclops!

    Another good thing is that i got a lot of bombs from breeding and could expand again.

    If i look this way back it hurted not too bad to give so much gems away - i got a lot of needed and wished animals and free expansions.
    But i don't want to spend again so many gems for a leaderboard and i don't want to spend so much real money again for the game.
    I almost got all missed rare and super rare permanent animals and primarily still only need gem animals - only have 7 now and try to breed the left gem animals.

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    1st place!!
    I just started though (was level 11 at leaderboard start), so only about half of my group was active all, and it's clear that's some quit by the end of the 10 days. I won with 6100k, only purchasing the unicorn statue. 2nd had around 3500k, so I had a very comfortable lead the whole time. I'm guessing it won't be easy next time since I'm leveling.

    At what level have you guys found the competition spikes?

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