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Thread: Bakery Story: January 2017

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    Jan 2017
    Lost my last bakery, add my new one ! Hope62908, I TIP. THANKS.

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    Hi add me please! Id is aaarrrbbbiiieee i am an active player and i tip! ☺️

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    Jan 2017
    Please add me: itzmanda desperately needing neighbors! Also play fashion story

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    Add me: Siyana59615

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    Hi! My Storm8 ID is Minimego.
    I am looking for active daily neighbors that level 40 or above who respond to request, and gift parts only daily. I do gift new parts or oven element daily and respond to requests. Food gifter or non active neighbor will be remove. I tip when I have time.
    Please add me if you play the same! Thank you very much!

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    Add me SpazzyPebbles25

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    Add me: Pennyrose93

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    Crazeeladeelv i need neighbors please

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