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Thread: Bakery Story: January 2017

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    For the new year, I just cleaned out 150+ inactive NBs. Now I'm 27 short to do my next expansion. I gift parts everyday, but I have been playing for years and no longer tip daily. Pardon the mess, I'm in the middle of an after holiday remodel and I'm trying to figure out what to do. Probably going to be a coffee/bookstore.
    Please add bravewarrior

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    ID: carjgm6641

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    ID: tintincarpii

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    I gift parts & accept request daily. Tipping not required and I don't tips or clear my tips. Please feel free to add me, if you play similar like me or don't mind my hassle-free playing style. [Note: Only accept players who are level 50 & above only!]

    ID: minidemon88

    Thank you!
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    > Sorry, no longer accept neighbor currently. All invitation will be declined. < Thank you!

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    My ID JWsis2 looking for 3-4 star player please do not add me if you have 0-2 star ⭐️

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    Monica561 post your gifts weekends are slow for me. Only 3-4 active players please tip and gift daily. Please write on my way if u can. I'll try to do the same.

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    Johsyr 😊

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    daily player level 99, gift daily and answer part requests every few hours. No tipping necessary as I dont always have time for tipping. Feel free to add me; BeachBuns14

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