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Thread: Fantasy Forest: Suggestion Thread

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    Can you please make the gem animals cost less or even cost coins on occasion? I can?t afford one every time it comes around so it would be nice if they could be more available to more players.

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    Points toward the forest party events or monthly creatures as a community prize !!!

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    Cafesweets9 @ fantasy forest behind times.

    We need storage for older or dbl dragons. We need to expand more often or be able to store older habitats holding only 3 or 4 dragons. Tournament should be won by a stronger dragon.

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    Solve the space problem

    So I've read a number of forum posts from players frustrated because they can no longer expand their areas to include new habitats, due to lack of space. While I haven't yet encountered that issue, I have my own frustrations...too many animals in storage, and not enough room to place hardly any decorations whatsoever. My storage is overflowing with decorations I can't place, due to lack of room. It's annoying because these elements of gameplay are completely unbalanced. I have a simple solution to all of these problems, and I think it's an utter shame that Storm hasn't implemented it yet.

    Basically, allow us to move our existing placed animals (and habitats too) into storage. I understand that we may have duplicate animals in there, in which case, make it a condition that when a leveled animal is moved into storage, it becomes a level 1 again. Most of us would gladly give up the levels earned, in order to be able to simply put our animals in storage, and then take them back out as eggs when wanted. That would free up a ton of space, and make a lot of us VERY HAPPY to have the freedom and movement to design our biomes the way we'd like to, for new animals and decorations.

    Please consider this, Storm. I think it's a huge oversight on your part that you haven't already implemented this. Nearly every other game I play (and I play a LOT) allows the player the option to move items freely in and out of storage, why not Fantasy Forest? This is simply inexcusable. New content is fun and awesome, but fixing the game so that players can fully enjoy it and move around in their world is sooooooo much better. Get on it, please. The sooner the better.

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    I have a really good idea that could solve the space issue. So basically, there should be different ?levels? of our islands, kind of like a parking garage. Let me explain. There should be a button that takes you up and down the ?levels?. The levels are like a layer cake, except they float above each other. There could even be a spot underwater for even more habitats! It would definitely make it look less weird if all the animals that are based on sea creatures lived underwater! Also, another related idea, there could be a floating ?garden? where you could display all your decorations in a beautiful way. You could also add a ?mainland? that would basically be a bigger version of the already existing island.

    Also, it would be awesome if we could move the breeding garden and the tree of life. It is in a position that really bothers me and could be fixed easily by moving it a little.

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    I feel like it is pointless to make suggestions here. The one thing players are asking for is more places to expand and there is respose, no explaination nothing. There seems to be lots of places to expand but nothing is getting done. I am coming to a point where I will not play which is sad as I have been playing this game for a few years. When I am feeling down I play this game and feel better but lately I have just felt fustration. Please resolve the expansion issue or at least confirm you are working on it!

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