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Thread: Holiday Caption Contest!

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    Thank you so much @Regina!! This was fun Those winnings are gonna be really helpful as I decorate my bakery.

    Congratulations to my fellow winners!
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    O wow, a contest! And my friend won! This was nice

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    Chiming in here to specially congratulate the winners - strawberrycutie909, monstertop, pixiegamer, Alideh, slayer7000
    Love your submissions! Happy Shopping with your well deserved gems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monstertop View Post
    How do I know if I got my gems or not? I want it for Bakery Story(: Thank you!
    Check your gems in your Bakery. If not, you can pm Regina or to me, I'll help to pass it in. Congratulations!
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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina View Post
    The winners of this contest are...........


    Thank you so much!!!

    I'd like my gems added to restaurant story 2!

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    Please note that this Contest ended in 2016.

    Closing thread to prevent further confusion.

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    Happy Holidays!!

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