I purchased a 60 minute 1.5 x point boost, returned my Dizzy dragon to its habitat and fed it to level 8 only to discover that the server reset, the boost I had purchased was reset to inactive, and the points awarded as a result of the boost had been reset.

I repeated this again but this time placing a Trickster dragon from the nest to a habitat and the leaderboard boost reset and reset my points. (Images attached)

1. SS of island with boost active but prior to moving dragon (points 449)
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Name:	BoostActivated.png 
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2. SS of boost active after dragon had been placed in habitat (points 530)
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Name:	DragonHatched1.png 
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3. SS of points reset after boost had been reset to inactive (points 523)
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Name:	PointsReset.png 
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I have force quit DS, restarted my device, deleted and reinstalled DS, all to no avail. The problem persists with both the 1 hour and 2 hour boosts. The boost will activate normally, but automatically resets after 20?30 seconds. (Images attached)

1. SS of 1 hour boost activated
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Name:	LeaderboardboostActivated.png 
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2. SS of 1 hour boost in the process of resetting after 25 seconds
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Name:	LeaderboardBoostReset.png 
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ID:	34766

Actions affected by Leaderboard boost resetting: Waverider, Trickster and Cloud dragons placed from nests to habitats. Snowdrop dragon placed from breeding den to nest and Dizzy dragon returned from evolution temple to habitat and fed from level 7 to 8. Transferring Nature dragon from Spell shop to nest was not affected.