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    Red face Improvments needed

    After playing for about a year I realized this game needs improvements that just aren't being done. I am happy we finally got more land but I think we need more features. First we would not complain about wrong purchases if they had a pop up asking you a second time if you want to use your gems, I'm sure that would eliminate many tickets. Second we need a way to store our hatched animals, it's hard to sell a crystal unicorn after u have two already but space is valuable, even with the land expansion. I felt horrible to sell it, I wish I could have stored it instead. Also I keep winning at battles but magically my connection times out after I win and it says I have to battle again, this has happened countless times! Please fix these issues.

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    Yes, in past 3 tournaments I were fighting the same animals again and again, and the connection were fine. One day I fought some lunar moth like 7 or 8 times in a row, but everything else was right (planted and harvested crops and stuff...)

    And another suggestion - can we please get in the description of the animals at least the hatching time. Every time I need to hatch an animal, that I've won, I have no idea how long are they hatching, and I must search in the forum the hatching times of all of the animals that I have in storage, so I can calculate the optimal one to hatch.

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