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Thread: Castle Story: December 2016

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    Castle Story: December 2016

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Please note that it is polite to leave a message on a player's in-game wall to say you've sent an invite.

    (Please do not send me an invite as I'm unable to accept anymore neighbour requests at this time... sorry.)

    Make sure you check the Hub for links to game guides, helpful information, Castle 101 help for brand new players and many many more helpful tips and tricks.

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    Hi ... Most of my neighbours have stopped playing, so I need some new.
    I play several times every day and if you need something, ask and i will gift.
    (Am located in Australia, so sometimes requests etc take a little while to reach me. always respond as soon as I see them, though.) ID is LittleBrownCat. :-)
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    add me please

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    My id is molkobake
    Feel free to add me

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    Please add me dani2535 is my id

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    Grazziarina - pls add me

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    Ad me please contadina63
    Thank you

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    Add me, please - lizzyswirch

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    Hi, my second kingdom can use some new neighbors. I will not visit (much), but will help with requests.

    At this moment I have enough neighbors. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone. I used to be level 50 but I lost my phone and had forgotten my password which was really upsetting. I plucked up the courage to start from scratch and I am enjoying playing CS again. Please add me as I play everyday!!
    ID: jaydakhatun

    P.S. I need some gift buddies, so drop me a message if you are interested. HAGD

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