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Thread: Thanksgiving County Fair - November 18, 2016 - Pet Turkey

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    Thanksgiving County Fair - November 18, 2016 - Pet Turkey

    Thanksgiving County Fair Minimum level is 12 for participation. iOS only. This is a Fair Event.
    Have fun and enjoy your event! Rynetory2

    Please use Farm 2: Buy/Sell thread for sale of event items.
    Any buy/sell posts in this thread will be removed. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

    Thank you Judy for updating the event information for the community!

    Win a Pet Turkey

    Final preparations prior to event

    How to Play?

    Getting Started
    This is a 10 days event. Day 1 starts when you click start. Subsequent days start at game reset time, midnight California time. Complete all 10 days to win the Grand Prize.

    Event Prizes
    Your event prizes may vary according to farm levels.

    Day 1 requires 100 gems - Pilgrim Calf Skin
    Day 2 requires 150 gems - Coins
    Day 3 requires 200 gems - Pilgrim Chicken Skin
    Day 4 requires 250 gems - Pet Food
    Day 5 requires 300 gems - Barn Upgrade Kit
    Day 6 requires 350 gems - Pilgrim Piglet Skin
    Day 7 requires 400 gems - Silo Upgrade Kit
    Day 8 requires 450 gems - Pilgrim Lamb Skin
    Day 9 requires 500 gems - Golden Lure
    Day 10 requires 550 gems - Pet Turkey
    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your cellar upon completion of each goal day.

    Event Boost
    Refer to Guidelines for Fair Event on how event boosts work.

    Earn extra Turkey feathers from boosts to finish each day faster!
    If you purchase the Mayflower you collect Turkey feathers every two hours.
    You will receive the Mayflower at the end of the event as a decoration.

    Goal 1 of 3:
    Dressing For Dinner
    Win the Pilgrim Calf in the County Fair
    REWARDS: 720 coins, 550 experience points

    Goal 2 of 3:
    Dressing For Dinner
    Win the Pilgrim Chicken in the County Fair
    REWARDS: 1080 coins, 770 experience points

    Goal 3 of 3
    Dressing for Dinner
    Win the Pilgrim Piglet in the County Fair
    REWARDS: 1450 coins, 990 experience points

    Spoiler: show

    Side Goal (optional) (if any)
    (Goal title)
    (Task caption)

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    The adult turkey is also popping up randomly on the farm, with drops like cornbread, quiche, pumpkin truffle, pumpkin soup, and, I heard from my neighbor, balloon tickets. You can buy a turkey crossing sign for 75 gems to increase his visit frequency to every 5 minutes. But I find he hides too well... Inside groves of trees, etc. I had the turkey crossing sign last year, but it is not in my cellar now?!

    Also check your crop plots, you have 4 starter pumpkins to plant. These take 2 hours to grow and are needed for the event timed pumpkin foods.

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    For day 2 of the county fair, I received 10,000 coins on my high level farm and my son's level 34 farm received 3,000.

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    will try for the tools (paints...)
    DS : Dragons de Pern (level 200) 826/882 dragons (168 still in storage)
    (sorry but i no longer accept or add neighbors for DS)
    FFS : Pern forest (level 200) 496/524 animals (120 still in storage)
    (stopping FFS on 2017/12/31, so don?t try to add me)
    FS2 : Campagne (level 73)

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    Everyone else saw that it originally said 44 days or something right?!! I keep seeing it flash between 43 and 9 days lol! I'm not posting this to report a bug that's why I'm posting it here. I just wanted to make sure I'm not the only one seeing it haha!

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    I do not understand why pumpkins are not fixed and Cultivation of rolled turkey

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    We saw the 44 days too. It has been corrected now thank goodness.

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    I don't see any pumpkin plots.

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    Is there anything going on for Android? I can grow pumpkins and make new dishes. But there are no goals for anything

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    I see the 2x ore showing 9 days but when you click you see barely 2 days left...
    Of course, I haven't been asked yet to submit pumpkin items and they just sit in my barn taking space

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