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Thread: Screen freezes once additional moves are purchased

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    Screen freezes once additional moves are purchased

    I'm appalled at the new "feature" in the game where the screen freezes after purchasing additional moves which means that I have to lose the level I'm playing and even worse, lose the gems that I've paid for. Not to mention the fact that the game developers have decided that they need to make each successive purchase of additional moves ridiculously expensive ( 9 gems to 23 gems etc). Seriously? I don't mind supporting games I enjoy by purchasing gems because I know that time and effort went into creating it. But this is extortion-level.

    I've deleted the game and re-uploaded it. I've made sure any update is updated. I've turned off my phone and restarted it. I've probably lost over 350 gems because of these new money grubbing "features".

    I refuse to pay for another gem and I'm to the point where it's not even fun to play anymore because if I do decide to splurge and spend 9 gems or 23 gems for 5 extra moves, it's a crapshoot on whether I'll be able to use them or the screen freezes and I need to restart that level.

    Please tell me how to fix the screen when it freezes and/or tell me when the next update that fixes this problem will occur so I can think about starting to play this game again.

    Thank you
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