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Thread: Fall Event (Orchard Event) - Nov 14, 2016

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    Fall Event (Orchard Event) - Nov 14, 2016

    Fall Event Minimum level is 7 for participation.

    Hooray, it's Fall! Fill orders and ask Citizens to collect Apple Barrels for the Fall Event!

    How to Play?
    1. Visit the Apple Festival!
    2. Collect Barrels of Apples!
    3. Earn awesome rewards!

    Goal 1 of 3: Apple Festival
    Delivery any order x10
    Greet any citizen x10
    Build a Log Cabin House x1
    REWARDS: 30 apple barrels

    Goal 2 of 3: Apple Festival
    Delivery any order x10
    Greet any citizen x10
    Build a Gazebo Park x1
    REWARDS: 50 apple barrels

    Goal 3 of 3: Apple Festival
    Delivery any order x10
    Greet any citizen x10
    Build an Apple Orchard x1
    REWARDS: 100 coins

    Good to the Core!
    Meet and mingle with citizens x10
    REWARDS: 100 coins

    Log Cabin House - 300 apple barrels
    Is it a cabin? Or is it a house? You decide!
    Population: +4 | Size: 1x1

    Gazebo Park - 850 apple barrels
    Approved beautification per civic code 20654(c)
    Population: +8 | Size: 1x1

    Apple Orchard - 1,700 apple barrels
    Growing crisp delicious apples is the 'core' value here!
    Population: +20 | Size: 1x2

    Rustic Outdoor Mall - 2,600 apple barrels
    High end stores with plants on top. Super rustic!
    Accomodate: 10 businesses (10 free starting slots)
    Size: 2x2

    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your storage.

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    Daily goal should be 124 apples (or 120, if you take out prize apples in goals 1&2) to stay on track for final prize.

    Also, there's a new business available right now- The Big Apple!
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    I love events! Thanks for starting the thread(:

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    Quote Originally Posted by monstertop View Post
    I love events! Thanks for starting the thread(:
    I really enjoy these events too. So far, I have 762 apple baskets. I have quit doing the boardwalk orders since I have all the landmarks and plenty of extra tickets. That makes filling orders a lot quicker. Good luck.

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    NO citizens so can NOT finish orchard event unless I pay!

    I've been doing orders but having to do Boardwalk ,which are almost impossible to do with in allotted time unless you make ahead which takes away from regular orders! UGH ! I'm getting sick of storm8/team lava and their impossible goals for games! These are not fun and way too stressful since each game takes a LOT of time and if you have multiple games you're doomed!
    Now to the root of thread, I haven't seen a citizen in DAYS so I can't get drops of apple buckets from them. Anyone else having this problem which is really a rhetorical question because Storm8 is very good at setting impossible goals! They set you up
    To fall or pay money with nothing in between! I have purchased gems in the past and I promise you I'm a [] good customer but I'm very close to stopping ALL games from this company! This time of year it's way too busy to be dealing with the stress of a very stupid game! So I'M DONE! Merry Christmas to myself I'm saving money for maybe a company/game that actually cares about its players!
    And yes my frustration is past max!!!! ;(.
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